The Seruv List
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The American Beth Din summoned Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann to their Beth Din. Three hazmanot (summons) were sent certified return receipt and were accepted. Shlomo Weissmann failed to appear, nor requested an alternative Beth Din, nor gave any reason/excuse for not appearing. As a Nitva (defendant), Shlomo Weissmann could have chosen a different Beth Din. Shlomo Weissmann expects people to follow his rules and procedures, but appears to believe that these same rules do not apply to him. This seruv was completed over a year ago (August 27, 2013). It was held by the American Beth Din; on the hope that Shlomo Weissmann would reflect, review, reconsider, and do Tshuva (repentance). We had wished that Yom Kipper would have reminded him of his transgression(s); obviously we were wrong and therefore we now publish the seruv. A rabbi should be an example for his community. In today’s world of corruption and dishonesty a rabbi must make special efforts to keep his good name and only do Mitzvahs. The epitome of a hypocrite is a rabbi of a Beth Din who would ignore a hazmanah about matters involving something as serious as issuing bogus seruv(s). Silence is not a good position to take in this matter. How can Shlomo Weissmann expect any litigant to accept his  Beth Din rulings, Kosher Hashgacha, or whatever when he refuses to defend himself about these serious issues. Copyright 2013 ©